10 January 2020

Datalogics introduces PDF Checker 1.5.0

Click on image to download high resolution version

PDF Checker is a free scriptable server tool that scans PDFs for a broad range of conditions and generates a report that helps to identify problems, notable traits, and the potential for optimization. With the new 1.5.0 release, PDF Checker can now tell users more about the origins of their documents and how they might be improved.

A new check specifies whether a PDF was ‘born digital’ or is an ‘image-only’ PDF (for example produced by a scanner). This information is useful to drive conditional processing, such as OCR, only where appropriate. 
Other new checks to tell users if a PDF claims conformance to the various PDF-based standards, including PDF/A (archival), PDF/X (graphics), PDF/E (engineering), PDF/VT (variable and transactional), and PDF/UA (universal accessibility). This allows users to route different PDFs to different application workflows, depending on their PDF types.

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