20 March 2020

HP launches new digital press fleet

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In the run-up to the now-rescheduled drupa 2020, HP announced the introduction of a new fleet of commercial digital printing presses.

Its HP Indigo division announced the new-generation B2 HP Indigo 100K Digital Press.  The first press in the HP Indigo Series 5, the HP Indigo 100K is designed for offset players looking to adopt a highly productive, on-demand digital printing solution. 
The HP Indigo 100K Digital Press offers nonstop duplex digital printing at 6,000 sheets per hour in four colors, delivering significantly higher productivity than the current HP Indigo 10000 series press along with the look and feel of offset. The press features an offset-like gripper-to-gripper design for precision registration, as well as color automation, calibration, fast switchover between jobs and media and five-input source feeder. 
Customer beta testing, which commenced before 2019 peak season, is now concluding at customer testing sites globally, including offset print service providers (PSPs).  
“HP Indigo 100K performance is above and beyond anything we have experienced with digital printing. The automation innovation is enabling nonstop printing, helping us deliver orders faster to our customers, opening new profit-making opportunities for our business,” said Vincenzo Cirimele, CEO of PressUP, beta tester. 
The HP Indigo drupa commercial portfolio also launched the new B2 HP Indigo 15K Digital Press,  based on the established HP Indigo 10000 platform which has sold more than a thousand units since launching at drupa 2012. The 15K press increases substrate versatility up to 600 microns (24 pt.). New inks include ElectroInks Premium White and Invisible Yellow. New high definition FM stochastic screens support increased sharpness for halftone text. The HP Indigo 12000 is upgradeable to new features of the HP Indigo 15K.  
The HP Indigo 7K is a 19-inch (SRA3+) digital press with a media gamut up to 550 microns, supplied with special inks such as HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver, high opacity Premium White, Invisible Yellow for security applications and ElectroInk Easy Release ink for scratch-off applications. These new features will be upgrade options for the HP Indigo 7000 series. The HP Indigo 7eco, meanwhile, is an entry-level press still incorporating full HP Indigo imaging quality.  
The new HP Indigo 90K web-fed press supports simplex applications including banners, oversized B1 posters and wallpaper, incorporating new patented algorithms for continuous print.   
Growing the capabilities of commercial inkjet printing is new flagship 22-inch continuous inkjet HP PageWide T250 HD, featuring HP Brilliant Ink in a new CMYK ink set offering an extended gamut, specifically designed to print on both coated and uncoated offset media. 
The digitally printed HP Optimizer provides smooth color gradients and fills by compensating for batch-to-batch mill variation on coated media while delivering high optical density with reduced show-through on offset uncoated media. 
With a built-in color vision system and color spectrophotometer, HP’s Quality Image Check vision system monitors print quality in real-time. Printing speeds are up to 500 fpm (152 mpm). 
To match the productivity of the HP PageWide T250 HD, HP has teamed up with Harris & Bruno to create the H&B ExcelCoat ZRW Web Coater with UV and Aqueous coating capabilities for commercial and direct mail applications. The coater will be available exclusively through HP. 
Tying all these new and legacy press systems together is the latest version of HP PrintOS, which unites the cloud platform applications with AI-driven service and support infrastructure, allowing customers to start building an automated print factory. 
In terms of availability, the B2 HP Indigo 100 and HP Indigo 15K, HP Indigo 7K and HP Indigo 7eco for commercial were all timed for this year’s drupa or later in 2020. Value packs with various upgrade options will allow the existing customer base to benefit from new features and capabilities. The HP PageWide T250 HD will also be available later in 2020.


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