26 March 2020

Mimaki launches two new printers at its virtual press conference

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by Akanksha Meena, Deputy Editor

In the wake of the global pandemic and postponement of FESPA, Mimaki is organizing a five-week online interactive event to ensure that its plans for continued engagement with the community are not hampered. The event will include virtual press conferences, guided tours, media briefings, new product highlights, live chat with experts, webinars, coffee sessions and more.

On 24 March 2020 – the first day of the event – the ‘Virtual Print Festival’ kicked off with a webinar with panel members including Bert Benckhuysen, senior product manager EMEA, Danna Drion, senior marketing manager EMEA, and Ronald Van Den Broek, general sales manager EMEA, Mimaki. The webinar included news, highlights of the latest products and a brief introduction to the festival. 

Attended by approximately 100 attendees globally, the webinar began with the announcement that the new Mimaki 3DGD 1800 3D printer will be available from April 2020.

Mimaki 3DGD 1800 3D printer

Designed for the sign and graphics market, the printer is based on UV resin-based technology that can print large and unique objects. The Gel Dispensing (GD) printer is capable of printing objects up to 1.8 meters in seven hours. The objects printed can be hollow for reduced weight and better illumination of signage. With two print nozzles, the printer is said to be able to print two objects simultaneously. The two nozzles are of different diameters – 1.8 and 2.6 millimeters – for speed and quality preferences. The delivery, installation, and service will be provided by the Mimaki partner ecosystem.

The applications of the printer include large-scale 3D POP displays, window displays, a combination of 2D and 3D billboards, pop up stores, 3D channel letters, soft signage, exhibitions, interiors, movie props, and molds for thermoforming. 

Mimaki’s partnership with OKI Data

Although the partnership was already announced in the end of January 2020, the company added that its global agreement with OKI will cover over 150 countries. The agreement expands Mimaki’s product portfolio which will now also include the OKI H3 104s and M 64s large format printers and has also added more than 100 distribution partners to Mimaki’s partner ecosystem, bringing it closer to its customers. 

Broek explained that since Mimaki will distribute the complete OKI wide format printing range, the company will provide service, warehousing, support for both existing and old OKI models and Mimaki sales and marketing team will treat OKI machines as their products. 

Mimaki UJV 100 160 UV LED roll-to-roll large format printer

Benckhuysen announced the launch of the entry-level Mimaki UJV 100 160 UV LED roll-to-roll large format printer. The sales of the machine will start in non-EU countries from May 2020. The printer boasts a large ink supply system, dual printheads, dot adjustment systems, nozzle monitoring, multifunctional connection, plus media handling capacity of up to 45 kilograms. Summarizing the key specifications of the printer in three phrases, Benckhuysen says that it is affordable, provides new technology and direct finishing. 

Benckhuysen also introduced the new features in the TX300P 1800MKII textile printer with multiple inks for applications including textile, interior, soft signage, banners, automotive, and flags. The new printer was made available from 24 March 2020. Lastly, he spoke about the new features in the Mimaki SWJ 320 EA solvent wide-format printer which will be available from May 2020.

Drion ended the webinar with a brief about the virtual festival and information about the agenda for the first week which will include press media briefings, special promotions of Mimaki products, virtual tours, live chats, and a virtual coffee session with Bert Benckhuysen. The program for the second week will be revealed soon the company. 

Main picture: Mimaki 3DGD 1800 3D printer

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