10 February 2020

New Heidelberg Speedmaster launches with automated plate logistics

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Heidelberg has announced that its next generation Speedmaster press – available from April 2020 – will feature fully automatic printing plate logistics. This means the new plates are loaded automatically into the correct plate changing unit and the used plates automatically removed. As well as reducing the operator’s workload, the process increases reliability and reduces the possibility of damaged plates due to manual handling.

“There’s no point in just increasing the speed of the printing press”, explains Rainer Wolf, head of sheetfed product management at Heidelberg. “That would be like being stuck in a traffic jam and expecting a faster car to solve the problem. Optimized, coordinated overall processes are a much more effective way of increasing productivity in the long term – they solve the traffic jam and deliver continuous schedulable productivity at the highest level. This is exactly where our focus lies.”

This approach ties in with Heidelberg’s Smart Print Shop initiative, which looks to address increasing job complexity in the press room with the simultaneous increase in requirements for operator qualification and improved productivity.

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