10 January 2020

Tec Color Craft chooses Insignia for high tolerance decal finishing 

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Southern California-based Tec Color Craft has installed an Insignia Die-Cutter from Rollem for high tolerance decal finishing.

Tec Color Craft is a screen and digital printing company with twelve screen printing presses, offering stickers, decals, OEM custom sticker packs and wide format products on material including vinyl, poly, silver and brushed poly and static clings. 
 “We are really pleased with the high tolerances and accuracy of the kiss-cutting on our decal liners,” states the company’s Blake Frenkiel. “Additionally, the Insignia’s sheet size of 30x24” allows us to maximize our press sheet impositions.” 
Insignia is offered in two cylinder configurations. Tec Color Craft’s machine is configured with an upper single magnetic cylinder cutting against a solid anvil lower cylinder. A single die is attached to the upper cylinder ensuring fast job changeovers and the ability to make critical depth of cut adjustments. Tec Color Craft has streamlined production as the Insignia through-cuts the decal shapes, kiss-cuts the liners, diverts the matrix and delivers the finished products on to a slow moving conveyor ready for packaging. “The speed, accuracy and overall output of the die-cutter is a natural fit for Tec Color Craft’s professional quality standards and on-time performance,” continues Frenkiel. 

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